About the clinic

The main task of our dentists is, first of all, the desire to keep all the patient's teeth healthy and beautiful.

Our clinic provides a full range of dental services, including:

  • pediatric dentistry;
  • treatment under anesthesia;
  • implantation;
  • prosthetics;
  • hygiene;
  • periodontal treatment;
  • teeth whitening;
  • other.

All procedures are carried out only by experienced doctors using high-quality european materials on modern equipment of proven brands.

Waiting for you!

Every day you spend
without a smile,
is a lost day
Innovative method of restoring lost teeth. The implantation of a titanium implant allows you to restore the missing tooth without harming the neighboring healthy teeth, in contrast to the bridge-like prosthesis.
Children's dentistry
Individual approach to child psychology. Treatment of baby teeth and prevention of caries in children. We understand how important it is that during the first and subsequent visits the child should be as comfortable as possible in the clinic.
Surgical Dentistry
It includes such procedures as tooth extraction, treatment of periodontitis (flux), extraction of hard-to-reach teeth, wisdom teeth and others. Specialization of our doctors allows us to solve such problems, taking into account varying degrees of complexity.
Orthopedic Dentistry
Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental defects and dentition. Prosthetics with removable, fixed prostheses and implants.
Teeth whitening
The Beyond laser system eliminates pigment stains from coffee, wine, cigarettes and coloring food. Come on whitening at a bargain price.
Diagnostics, prevention and treatment of anomalies of the dental maxillofacial apparatus (alignment of the dentition and correcting the wrong bite).
Therapeutic dentistry
Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of caries. Endodontic treatment. Treatment of non-carious teeth lesions. Periodontics treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa.
Teeth cleaning (AirFlow)
Professional teeth and mouth cleansing with a special air-water jet with a special cleaning agent.